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This Might Be Mike

my lame/interesting life

28 February 1982
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Obligatory geek info: really into Star Trek, SG1, B5, Linux, some other sci-fi stuff, baseball when I have time for it, and reading up on the newer geeky stuff. I'm shy around new people, pretty outgoing once I'm beyond shyness, love to play games with friends, hate big crowds and big cities.

As my username and main avatar implies, I'm a big They Might Be Giants fan(atic). If it's by the Johns, I either have it and know it, or want it.

I do system admin work, friends from school say my personality is basically the same as sysadmins they know at their jobs. That generally is: cold, level-headed, very on-task, cynical humor. When I'm not at work, I try to find fun stuff to do that lets me counter my work personality. The more fun and excitement I can have outside of work, the better. My non-work sense of humor is vast but quirky.

I like to drive my car around and listen to my music collection. Often I take the "scenic" route home just to listen longer.

Given all this, I'm actually a very boring person...ask my real-life friends (many of them are also boring). (I think) This is mainly because I prefer obcessing over a few things than vaguely doing a lot of things. This also means I have lots of slots open for new interests. I like most new things I'm exposed to.

What others have said about me:

(15:44:04) Steve: we have 1 couch, floor space + sleeping bag free for crashing
(15:44:09) Steve: we provide sleeping bag
(15:44:14) Steve: is that still acceptable?
(15:44:22) Mike: I can bring some blankets
(15:44:25) Steve: ok
(15:44:33) Steve: just making sure that's still ok
(15:44:37) Mike: I've slept on the floor next to my empty bed
(15:44:41) Steve: ;)
(15:44:43) Steve: psycho

"I used to think no one could work as long as hard as me on a problem...and then I see you work more and that's awesome."

Although this is the one more people have heard: "Stop it" (beat-box) "Ass" - skibooverlook